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Jorge Takei

Jorge Takei EXCLUSIVE Interview

After Jorge Takei’s debut release on Kolorit Records, we were so impressed by this guy’s talent, that we thought we’d catch up with him for a little chat about his past, present and future. Jorge Takei has an forthcoming release on Cimelde Records with Nowhere, which is discussed in this exclusive interview and will be released 29th February. Also in the interview, we discuss his recent encounter with Larse, his plans for 2012, which includes a UK tour and where he’d most like to play. Jorge has become a good friend of ours at Underground Source and we look forward to presenting more news on him in the future. He will also be our star DJ for our UGS 003 Podcast which will be released very soon, so stay tuned.

Interview: Fabian Wolf aka Jorge Takei
Interviewer: Paul Banks

First of all, let me congratulate you on your first EP release on Kolorit Records. The Lyon, is a personal favorite of ours and I’m sure it’s making it’s way into most people’s playlists. It must be great to start breaking through onto big labels such as Kolorit and Cimelde Records. It’s hard to find a biography on you, so for those that have not yet heard of you yet, perhaps you could give us a short synopsis of yourself and your musical past?

Hello Paul, thanks for your interest and doing this interview! I am 26 years old and started making music not too long ago. Though I had a classical training on drums/percussion, there was no intent to become a musician until discovering electronic music. Which I did rather late, by the way. I listened to Metal, Grunge and loads of other “handmade” stuff before listening to Daft Punk the first time. After this, it all went very fast.

At the moment I am releasing music under my own moniker “Jorge Takei”, as well as part of the UK-Bass Duo ”JTRP” (Deep Teknologi/B.YRSLF). I am ghost-producing, and assisting as an engineer for a couple of other guys.

Speaking of a DJ, i started a bit earlier, I think like four years ago, holding a residency in Stuttgart, Germany at Club Schocken. In the meantime I had the honour to play some really famous venues such as Social Club (Paris), Golden Pudel (Hamburg) or Odonien (Cologne). All of them with my good friend Phil (who is the 2nd part of JTRP).

Every DJ has a fantasy of playing in their favorite venue, if you could play at any venue, what would it be and why?

Oh this is hard. I am not the guy to travel around famous venues just to have been there. I’ve been to “Salon Zur Wilden Renate” in Berlin, which is a f*cking awesome venue, made completely into an old living house. Every room is a different floor/area and there’s some really weird things going on in there. Very inspirational – so I guess, I’d like to play that one.

You’ve just recently played at Lieblings in Germany with Larse for Glory Hole (Noir Music / 1Live Klubbing) . That must have been an exciting night for you?

Oh yea. He’s one of the men of the hour and to be listed in a lineup along him was awesome. He’s a really nice guy and we had a great night – he killed the crowd, literally.

Is there any chance of any production work with Larse in the near future? We’d love to know about it!

Well I’d be lying if I said that I wouldnt love that, but there’s nothing planned at the moment…

Your latest release, The Lyon, has jumped straight to #2 on Kolorit Records. You must be happy with its progress. What are your thoughts on the release? 

I’ve been helping Thomas (labelhead) for some time now with promoting and was really happy that he signed the track when I played him the first sketches. The track was recorded in late autumn 2011, when all the colors are golden. This was the main theme of it, I guess – melancholy, gold, sun. When I end up with a hookline I like, the tracks are done rather quick. But jamming around takes me ages, to really find something I want to work with.

Atapy’s remix is the tune of the release. I’m really happy to have him aboard – he’s a really talented guy and not a douchebag on top. Guess this will be a nice workpartner in the future. The second mix was provided by Crek, a friend of mine from berlin, who is about to explode as well. Currently we’re working on a collaboration, so watch out.

Your forthcoming debut EP, Nowhere, will be released on the 29th February on Atapy’s label, Cimelde Records.  Did you enjoy making the EP?

Yea, working on this one was really personal. All three tracks do have a meaning to me, that’s why I recorded this really really quick. When something is on your heart and you finally find the right channel for it, it all flows naturally. At first I was sceptic with the whole bundle, because they all don’t have a real club-flow and are more like pophouse-songs or so, but as this is what I end up making, I guess it’s just honest. Anything else would be fake…

How does it feel to be working with the likes of Atapy and how does it feel to be a part of the Cimelde family?

As mentioned before, Atapy is a really really nice guy, who set himself high goals. He knows what he wants and he has the balls and the talent to go there. 2012 will mark his big breakthrough I guess. So of course I’m proud to be working with him – watch out for this guy everybody.

Are we to expect any more releases from you in the near future?

There will be a single on a Canadian label really soon and I’m just dealing the new stuff. So yea, expect a few more remixes and originals this year!

A new year is always exciting, especially when your making such great debut releases already! What are your plans for 2012 and is there anything we should know about?

At the moment I am moving my base from Duesseldorf to Cologne, which is a really productive city speaking of music. Kompakt, Platzhirsch – Motor City Drum Ensemble, Snuff Crew. Just to name a few. In late summer then we (JTRP) will be touring the UK for some weeks and collaborate with exciting new labels to emerge, such as Switched On from London. Of course we gonna meet (and drink) with lots of UK friends, too ;)

We have a nice vinyl collection here at Underground Source HQ. We’d love to add one of your recent releases to our wall. Is there any chance of a 12″ copy of your release? 

Haha, sure, we’re gonna send over a copy for you. Having your own music on wax is priceless. Period.

Fabian, It’s been a real pleasure interviewing you, we look forward to your forthcoming release. Are there any words you’d like to finish on?

Cheers, you’re very welcome. Thanks a lot for giving me the chance to speak out a bit ;) Just keep on doing whatever you feel good with. Don’t try to be fake with what you do: the results will never be as real as anything that comes from heart. Accept it.


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